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Admission in ITER, bhubaneswar(orissa) through aieee

my aieee rank is 127292. and state(orissa) is 2194. i have applied for iter through aieee. does i have any chance to get admission in EEE or Mechanical or ECE?


EXCEL 3 years ago
Yes. You may. You should apply.
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Niranjan Patnaik53670 do u have any idea about last year opening and closing rank of iter?
3 years ago
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a year ago
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Preetika91067 2 years ago
my aieee rank is 318291..n category rank is 128171..will i get admission in iter bhubaneswar? pls help...
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abhinav53807 yes for detail information call 08093936938
2 years ago
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payal9897 3 years ago
what you want to ask?
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