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What optional subjects can be taken up for Civil Services after B.D.S?

hi i have just finished my bds final year exams can i give ias exam thus year or do i need to wait till i finish my internship?which subject should i choose as my optional subject?


Shiksha experts 5 years ago
Hi, You can take the civil services exam if you have attained 21 years and not be over 30 years on August 1 of the year of examination. As far as choosing the optional subject goes, If you have got your bachelors degree in a particular field, and you are confident about that field then choosing that subject as your optional subject would be a good idea. It would be wise to look though the syllabus of the subject you are selecting and seeing whether you have covered all of the topics in your degree course and how well you feel you know those topics.
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Prashant 2312 5 years ago
HI, Its good that u are looking for an IAS exams....but i suggest u -first complete ur internship and side by side prepare urself for IAS exams also...after finishing ur interns then go for exam...and its better if u choose any of the subjects related to medecine ur of ur field which is easy to prepare for an IAS exam.
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doc JV 3 years ago
hi ..i hd completed my bds course & internship also... i want to know am i eligible for IAS, if yes then plz tell me how many subject 1 must choose for prelims & is there any dental subject in syllabus which i can choose...& plz guide me further for preparation
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