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Is MBL( master in business law) from NLS Bangalore equivalent to any master degree.



Shiksha Counselors 5 years ago
Hi, a two year Master of Business Laws is a P.G. Degree. Please visit NLS Bangalore website (http://www.nls.ac.in/) for further clarifications. After doing MBL, opportunities include as a Law Officer / Legal Assistant / Legal Advisor in all the areas of business requirement, for posts in Banks, Factories, Industrial Houses, Companies, Railways, Commerce and Trade Departments of Government, Central or State Government Offices, other Statutory bodies of the Central or State Government. All the best!
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niteshkrishna Its worth doing MBL , NLSIU really a good course.
4 years ago
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niteshkrishna 4 years ago
Yes MBL , NLSIU has a very good course content indeed its a P.G Degree with Quality Education.I my self has enrolled and found it good course.But it requires time and lots of hard work to get it.Once u are MBL Degree Holder definately a great Knowlegde boost u get and with a brand name which is NLSIU.
(Nitesh Krishna)
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rajshree bahuriya 5 years ago
heyy .............i wanna do mbl after completion f my law .plz help me in tat i wanna ful info about tat so plz ans me3 wat preperation we requrired to get an admission in tat n in a reputed college..............m wating 4 ur advice myself rajshree bahuriya..................
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Hargovind344 5 years ago
Very Much. MBL from NLS qualifies for a Masters Degree. The course's comprehensive content adding to the prestige of MBL is one of the sort after courses for Executives these days.

It is one of the recommended distance learning courses.
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dharmendra kumar verma thanks for suggestion.
can i ask who r u and what u do.
hav u done LLB or what.
pls reply me for this
5 years ago
Hargovind344 I am an MBA with Six Sigma Green Belt. I have a lot of friends who are Lawyers or in the making. My Uncle is a High Court Advocate and with his consent MBL is a good course. Also, a couple of my friends in the industry are pursuing the same. The above information is gathered from all of them and that is how I have this opinion of MBL from NLS. Just to add up A senior friend of mine in Corp. HR with Idea Cellular suggested me the same course because of its quality content in law.

You can write to me at hargovindkakkar@gmail.com or call up at 91-98732-75072 for any clarifications.
5 years ago
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