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what are PR eligible courses in australia?



Shiksha Counselors 5 years ago
Hi there are a number of qualifications in the area of PR that one can do from Australia.  These range from Graduate Certificate courses (6-12 month duration), Diploma courses (one year duration), Bachelors of Art in Public Relations, Bachelors of Communication in PR or Bachelors of Management in PR (all 3 year programmes) and finally Masters in Public Relations (1-2 year programmes)Some of the universities in Australia offering these programmes are Deakin University, Burwood; James Cook University, Townsville; Box Hill Institute Victoria; Queensland University Of Technology Queensland, Curtin Business School, Perth.  In order to find out more about any of these institutes or the programmes that they offer, please type in the name of the institute in the search box at www.shiksha.com.
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