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which is the best animation institute on lucknow Picasso, arena , or maac



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padhu 5 years ago
Hello Antima, All institutes are having their own strength and weekness. In my way of telling you is I checked the curricullum wise of each institute, in that Picasso is best. Because they are going from creative foundation to Digital. In creative foundation they are making the students to be more creative, sculpting classes is their. Actually In hollywood before creating model they'll do clay sculpting. Its a added advantage that in Picasso they are teaching sculpting also. Then they are focusing on digital part for nearly 15 months. Then the students are going to Internship in major studios. Then they are getting very good production knowledge. Faculties worked from best Animation companies from all over India and Canada giving best Education for the students. And one more thing Picasso Lucknow having Technical support from Duxsoft, mumbai, recently won the 50 best innovator award from nasscom. According to me Picasso is having strong background in Animation industry.
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Vineet Raj Kapoor 3 years ago
There is no such authentic list of institutes that i can give you. You could do well to create a list of places you may want to learn at, whether they are in your city or not. Then go to their websites and research about them, and even call them and talk to them. Try their website for more details. Typically go for a school which offers all the information including faculty on their website. Now shortlist some you want to visit. Do not hesitate to travel - this is about your life and career. After visiting those take a decision for yourself. Even if you have to travel to timbuctoo or chandigarh for that matter, it is important for your life, so do it. Wish you the best for your career. Remember, your Career is a resultant of your knowledge combined with your passion and expression ability. If you like this answer you may select it as best answer or press like.
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I am a Mentor., VirtualSoft, established in 1996, at Chandigarh is still the leader in 2D and 3D Animation, BE MBA, VirtualSoft
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Dear Antima agarwal,

I am not sure about Lucknow. Remember, Every one will say that they are the best Institute/Academy. It is up to you to make a list of your favourite Institute/Academy, call them, visit them, attend the counselling session. And then decide for yourself.

Feel free to ask more queries!
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Prashant 2312 5 years ago
Hi antima all the institute u have mention above are good,however there are certain parameters which need to be consider like fees,location,course material etc. so its better if u visit these institutes personally and ask for the details than make some decision.Although first understand that which course u want to do and is it available there or not.
About me:
Free Lance Counselor, M.B.A/PGDM, Study Abroad Expert
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jateen 5 years ago
Hi from my side. if u want to know which one is best.first u see curricullum,class timing,placement and the faculty(most important).In picasso animation college all things are there.The person who is going to teach u is professional on that field.The curricullum is the best from others.they are giving u more time to work in labs and good placemant .i think u got ur answer
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nicon 5 years ago
hi there Antima I fully agree with padhu as curricullum,infrasrcuture,study wise picasso is the best animation collage as i came to about picasso that they are not even allowing the students to sit on pc for 3 months to anhance the creative skills which i think no collage is doing right now and as per my information in animation creativity is the most requried thing
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Akanksha Singhal 5 years ago
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Cavalier Animation 3 years ago
All these institutes give same kind of education and placements. What matters is the fee structure and proper education.. So why not get proper education in prescribed time limit and at low cost..
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Frameboxx Noida 5 years ago
Try Frameboxx..
2nd Floor, B-Block, Surajdeep Complex 1, Jopling Road Lucknow - 226001
Tel : +91-522-3018775/6/7/8/9, 9415389656, 9935495659
E-mail : lucknow@frameboxx.in
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shakti singh341 4 years ago
Lucknow Picasso is the best Animation institute
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