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What are the various shipping companies which give sponsorship to mechanical engineer student?

i am a mechanical engineer student. i just finish my final year exams. and i want to join graduate marine engineer course through sponsership from shipping company so, can you tell me about various shipping company name like anglo estern ship management which give sponsership mechanical engineer student.


Shiksha Counselors 5 years ago
Hi, The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. (SCI) is the largest Indian ship-owner and ship-manager having the facility of imparting 24 months of structured shipboard training on board owned and managed ships, in addition to the 12 months pre-sea course at its Maritime Training Institute (MTI), Powai, Mumbai.  The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. proposes to sponsor from among the applicants selected by IGNOU through their Entrance Examination and Interview for Pre-Sea and Shipboard training as TNOCs. The Pre Sea training is proposed to be conducted at our Maritime Training Institute, Powai, Mumbai. Candidates wishing to join The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. for the Pre-Sea and Shipboard training are advised to express their option accordingly in the Application Form available in the IGNOU website www.ignou.ac.in and mail it directly to IGNOU as advertised. Apply to IGNOU vide their advertisement in various newspapers. IGNOU will provide SCI a merit list of candidates on the basis of the Entrance written examination, Interview and the option expressed by the candidates for training with SCI. The candidates selected and offered sponsorship for Pre-Sea Training and Shipboard Training shall be informed separately by SCI.The offer of sponsorship to candidates for Pre-Sea and Shipboard Training to the Maritime Training Institute, Powai, Mumbai shall be at the sole discretion of SCI. Candidates selected by SCI will undergo 12 months Pre-Sea course at our Maritime Training Institute (MTI), Powai, and upon successful completion will thereafter undertake 24 months Structured Shipboard Training Programme through Distance Learning Programme on board our ships. This advertisement is also available on the SCI website www.shipindia.com under the heading “Current Vacancies. Some leading shipping companies that hire Marine Engineers are Shipping Corporation of India, Shipping Corporation of India, Binny International, The Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd, Tolani Shipping Company Ltd, Kerala Lines Ltd, National Institute of Port Management Training Coordinator
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ansad 4 years ago
sir , currently i'm doing b.tech mechanical in kerala . currently at 5th semester . i would like to know my carrier options . what about marine engineering , is marine and merchant navy are same . ?
what all other courses are there ?
please help me
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ajay singh47029 sir, my name is ajay,i m in final year mechanical engg student,and i am got selected for anglo estern ship management,pls give me information about anglo estern,is it right or wrong for my career?
2 years ago
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