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MBBS is better or BDS in says it's future. can admission in asso cet is better than government



priyanta sarkhel 5 years ago
surely both are good.but BDS is a self specilized subject.after the course of 5 years u r a doctor and ready for doing practise.where as in MBBS u should have to go through specalization.otherwise it has no value in itself.
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badri525 5 years ago
MBBS is alwys better than BDS , because BDS deal only particulararea of body while MBBS deal all prat of body
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priyanta sarkhel i dont think so.BDS is a self specilized subject.where as MBBS has no value of its own until u r specilized.even opthalmology,ENT,cardiology all this deals in a specific area.
5 years ago
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