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what is the scope in aviation management?



Shiksha Counselors 5 years ago
Hi, a degree in aviation management opens up many different job possibilities. There are various courses available related to aviation management. Aviation Industry typically is divided into airlines for passengers (life) and cargo (non life). Ground functions include Airport Operations, Reservations & ticketing and even sales & marketing. Job options depend on the type of course done.   Aviation being a broad field, there are many opportunities in this sector. You can expect to be qualified for a job as an accident investigator, air traffic controller, airline manager, aviation attorney, maintenance manager, or safety inspector. Aircraft manufacturers, airports, cargo airlines, colleges/universities, medical airline transports, private airlines, professional development centers, and tourism boards are some of the places that hire people with experience in aviation management.  Some of the top airlines companies like Sahara India, Kingfisher Airlines, Jet Airways, Indian Airlines etc. take candidates trained through professional aviation courses. Besides career prospects in India, there are plenty of job opportunities in the aviation sector abroad in international airlines like Lufthansa, Emirates, Qantas, Singapore Airlines etc… All the best! 
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Priya 5 years ago
Hi Pragati,

Aviation Management is one of the most sought after streams as of now and in future. It is mostly seem by people who already have working experience in the aviation sector.
You may go through the following blog:

Avalon Aviation academy & Air hostess academy are a few of the good institutes offering courses in Aviation mgt.
All the best!
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pragati303 is there any entrance or something?
5 years ago
pragati303 we cant do it after HSC.I dont have any information about it,so please guide me.
5 years ago
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Prashant 2312 5 years ago
Hi Pragati,

India is not well known as far as aviation management is concerned. You would have to find some universities in europe or the US to take this; nevertheless, its quite a narrow career path but good for those already in the airline industry and hoping to increase their potentials to be promoted within the industry. You should already have a bachelors degree in airline management or any other aviation related course. Moreover, you should already be in that industry in order to appreciate the masterly approach.
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Priya875772 3 years ago

According to my understanding, all the activities related to air-crafts come under aviation.
Aviation courses in India deal with Flying Operation (jobs performed by Pilots), Aircrew (such as Air Hostesses), Aircraft, Air Traffic Management, Technical aspects of Flight, Aviation Safety, Regulatory Policies and economics of airport.
Civil Aviation courses (as opposed to the Indian Air Force, that is, the air wing of the Indian armed forces) are necessary for those wishing to work in government or regulatory bodies of aviation or those planning to work as aviation consultants.
And yes the nature of the work, entails in several posts like those of pilot, air hospitality attendants like air hostesses and flight stewards, cabin crew, travelling all over the world.

You can visit the website for more details: www.iesp.co.in
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