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I am a final year graduate student i m going 2 appear MATmay 2010.i ve a dobt about filling its application form ie "In case of CGPA/OGPA/Letter Grades, Please give equivalent percentage of marks as per the norms of the University/Institute"bcs im going 2 appear exam so there s any need 4 filling percentage of mark in the box



Rajesh Dhaka 4 years ago
hi Anju,

I am giving you a formula to calculate the CGPA :

CGPA = Cj Pj/Cj

where Cj = Number of credit earned in the jth course of a semester for which CGPA is to be calculated.
Pj = Grade point earned in jth course. A grade lower than D(i.e grade point < 4) in a course shall not be taken into account.
i = 1 to m.

and percentage you can calulate your CGPA marks out of at about 10.

Hope information will be benificial.

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