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Hi, I have a BHMS degee [Bachelor of homoeopathic medicine and surgery]. I am interested in a course related to medicine, which can be done online and even you can do your consultation online. Please guide me as I am a mother and can only work from home.



Shiksha Counselors 4 years ago
Hi, we would be able to guide you better if you would let us know what kind of jobs you are targeting. You can go in for online courses from Homoeopathy International Online College. You can check this link for details of the courses offered and admission details: http://www.homstudy.net/hoc/.you can also check this link: http://onlinehomeopathycourse.com/ , www.homeopathy.edu/Online.htm for online courses related to alternative medicine. Other course you can opt for are clinical research training through courses offered by various institutes (icriindia.com, cliniminds.com, Academy for clinical excellence), which will equip you for a career in clinical trials/clinical research. You may also consider further studies such an MBA (Pharmaceutical management/Hospital Management) to improve your career prospects. IIMM (www.iimmdistance.com) and IIPM (iipmindia.com) provide correspondence MBA programs in Hospital Management. It is important for you to choose a course on the basis of your interests, aptitude, skills and motivation. Revert with details regarding your area of interest, Strength, experience etc for us to help you in a better way. All the best.
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