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What is the difference between MS in US and M.tech in India

what is the difference between ms in usa and mtech in india. also please guide me witt respect to syllabus , industry exposure and carrer prospects in mtech and ms.\nis it true that mtech\'s can get only a teaching job or get to do research. i am more inturested in working in industries after pg


Sai Vignesh 2 years ago
i think M.S. is better, because it gives u exposure to global arena in engineering. also, u have a chance to work n settle abroad
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Md_Yaseen 4 years ago
Hi Akshay,

According to my understanding US is a good option in terms of Syllabus, Industry Exposure and Carrier Prospects and more over they have good faculty members and help students to think differently and confidently. Now let me answer you second question. M.Tech degree is not only confined to teaching and research, education never goes waste but it is how you want to leverage it. After doing M.Tech you would be able to get a better knowledge and command. You would definitely get weightage over a B.Tech in which ever organisation you go. To do M.Tech from India you would have to take the Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineers (GATE). However, to do it from USA you would require GRE and IELTS/ TOEFL score as an International applicant. So you can choose any option as per your wish. Hope this helps!!!
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gaurav204295 which 1 is better M.S or M.tech
4 years ago
Harihara69528 I have done my M.Tech in ECE, will this useful in US to work. Please suggest. Thanks
2 years ago
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Neha32363 3 years ago
Hi, both M.tech and ms are equivalent programs, there is hardly any difference between them as per my knowledge. However, I will prefer M.tech program over ms as in india, we still consider m.tech more technical and professional then ms. So, I would advise you to look for programs which are more interesting and unique and which are in good demand in the job market too. Some of the programs that I got to know about are like built environment, structural engineering, Robotics, artificial intelligence etc. As these programs are from core sector, they have huge scope for growth and also these will help you get a good job in any multinational organisation with a good package. So. if these programs interests you then look for UPES, it is one of the university which is famous for its programs from core sector in whole of pan asia region.
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