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Is GRE mandatory to apply for MS in Germany ?

iam planning to do masters in germany is gre needed or ielts enough...i heard that ielt is enough for doing ms in germany...please help...iam currently doing my final year mechanical....


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ganesh mk 4 years ago
Dear Rangarajan
IELTS is a standard test required for study programs that have English as their medium of instruction. The GRE doesn't mean much to German universities but For some of the Engineering programs, GRE score is required.For some of the management courses, GMAT score is mandatory.
German has extremely good mechanical engineering programs, so you will be able to find any subject you like at most universities.
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Prashant 2312 4 years ago
Hi Rangarajan,

GRE score is not the only thing that effects your chances of getting into good universities . GRE score of 1300 would be ideal while 1400 would be the best bet ! anything that lies between 1100 to 1300 needs a very good Statement Of Purpose along with required Financial Documents. IELTS is only required when course is taught in english. GRE score below 1000 needs retaking GRE. So if you want to do GRE then kindly keep these scores in mind. However courses like Mechanical Engineering, Automobile, Aerospace, Electronics , Civil engineering requires GRE score so if you are looking for engineering programs then GRE is must .

Hope this helps!
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