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Is there any college under pune university provides external MCA course?



Priya 4 years ago
Hi Yogesh,

As far I would know about this, the Pune University does not offers MCA through external mode but if you are keen to pursue MCA through correspondence, there are many Universities offering the same like IGNOU, SMU etc and to know about these and more, you may refer to the following link:

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Piya842 3 years ago
I Hi,I m doing BCA from Pune,i plan to do MCA as my masters after BCA.I want to know the different areas of MCA.I have heard there is MCA science,MCA Commerce,MCA engineering.I m confused a little and do not have a clear idea about what should be chosen.As a BCA student am i eligible for any MCA co
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Emma Fernandez University of pune offers cources ass you said in all these dept and also management you have to apply for mca comm and science entrace from the colleges you want to take admission in whiile for engg and mgm you just have to give the mca entr taken by the dte ma MHCET MCA and apply for entrace.There are limited colg that offer mca eng some i could say MMCOE,Modern college,DY patil and also VIT(Vishwakarma IT) is a autonomous college that also offer mca engg which is affliliate to UOP but they have a completely different syllabus compared to that of Pune university and very hard for i think avg students to cope through that level of difficulty of engg.They also come within the dte entrence of MHTCET MCA.
a year ago
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gaurav93274 3 years ago
for admission contact-97683836765
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