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how much percentage to get admission in cambridge university london



Kankshi 3 years ago
HI Chayal, to get admission in Cambridge or Oxford University you need a very high percentage. It also greatly depends on which course you are applying for. From your previous questions it looks like you intend to go for graduation.

To go for graduation you will have to select only one from the two as there is no provision to apply for both Cambridge nad Oxford.

The application is sent through UCAS, and they allow to apply to only one either CAmbridge or Oxford. The last date of filling the application is 15 oct of the preceding year.

There is no minimum cut off, but keeping in mind the reputation of the University at least 85% will be needed. Also its not just the percentage on which the Unviersity assesses the application they also look into student's Statement of Purpose, letters of recommendation. In other words the entire profile of the students is taken into consideration.

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kamlesh kumar83561 but madem i want to take higher edu from abroad at any cost ,,,,, so plzzzzzzz if uhv any idea that wt i hv to do in this time ? then plz help me
2 years ago
2 years ago
Sumit978046 mam, i have visited oxford last month n i want to take addm in it....m stuying in 12th ryt now....if u guide me...m really thanks ful to u
2 years ago
pragya40127 can anybody take admission after 12th ..??
a year ago
akshit19618 Hyy. i hv complate bca, n my percetage is 70 percent. i want addme in mca, gie me sm advice what i do for it.
a month ago
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kamlesh kumar83561 2 years ago
kamlesh kumar ...........h m kamlesh ,iwant to do d pharma cource from an combridge university ,but i,dont knw wat % is required to get an admission in andother criteria so plzz will u help me ???????????????????????
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