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i want to start prepare myself for elitmus. what books are best for the preparation of this exam?????????



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aru.chopra 2 years ago

eLitmus is said to be one of the India's largest Employability test which helps students to get a job. They conduct perfect assessment of students and then send them to recruitment for company that is for the entry level engineers.

eLitmus will conduct a test, written test called pH test and based on the scores they will send the students to companies. eLitmus is said to be the online job consultancy which helps fresh graduates and students in getting a best suitable job based on their profile.

The acronym pH stands for Hiring Potential Test (pH Test). So this pH test is all about testing a candidate potential before they are hired by some company. The purpose of the pH test is to test the candidate in their aptitude, reasoning, verbal and also in the personality skills and to match him with the suitable job profile.

You can refer Quant Aptitude by Tata Magraw Hill, Competitive Examinations Tips, Techniques, And Short-cut Methods by Guha Abhijit, R.S. Agarawal books on verbal reasoning or Business English and Communication by Clark or Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary by Wilfred Funk and Norman Lewis.
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