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Is there any course in android?

can i do anything in android technologY?


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Gautam Joshi 2 years ago
Hi Rohini!
Mobile applications market is huge and is growing at a great rate. Use of 3G/4G is also growing at a good pace. Android based devices are being launched frequently and are also being purchased very frequently. it is resulting great demand for programmers on the Android platform.Various institutions are nowadays offering various courses in Android Development and Android App Development. Generally modules in Android Training include:

Java concepts
Introduction to Android
Application Structure
Emulator-Android Virtual Device etc.

At preent there're two level back to back courses in Android Development, one at basic level Java and other is advanced course focusing on in depth structure of Android.

Some institutes in my knowledge offering courses in same are:

Cerebtec Academy
(I don't know much about these institutes. Inquire before proceeding.)

Apart from the above mentioned modules, there are also institutes offering online courses too.

For more information I'd invite Priya , Vikas Naidu , varun.sharma , Pooja Kohli and others to add more.

However, you can mark this answer as best if your query is resolved.

Good Luck!
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Gautam Joshi
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