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syllabus of entrance exam of ma economics of pune university

syllabus of entrance exam of ma economics of pune university


aru.chopra 2 years ago

The entrance exam would majorly include questions from 4 main economics papers and general knowledge, given below:
1. Statistics: Probability, Averages and Dispersion

2. Microeconomics: different productions and cost functions with emphasis on their minimization exercise and profit maximization problems, different forms of competition encompassing perfect competition, monopoly, basic theory of general equilibrium

3. Macroeconomics: Basic knowledge of average graduation level should be sufficient. Emphasis on growth models

4. Mathematical Economics: series, sequences, functions and relations, sets, basic calculus such as integration and differentiation. Incorporate notions of implications, quantifiers etc. in Logic.

General Knowledge:
Preliminary knowledge of national and international economy and regular surfing of newspapers will be enough.

I can also suggest you:-

Identify the weightage of each sections and sub-sections and allocate the time keeping your strengths in mind.

Invest sufficient time in improving, strengthening your vocabulary and reading skills from the beginning.

Having good command in Vocabulary and Grammar will help you score more marks in less time.
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aru.chopra A good understanding of the economy, current affairs and who's who of business world coupled with knowledge on history & sports will help deliver a high score.

It is very imperative for you to excel in all sub-sections of reasoning.

Just be relaxed and calm. Follow a study plan without any failure. Do your best.

Feel free to revert. Appreciate by liking it or marking as best.
Good Luck.
2 years ago
devya amazinnng!! reallyy im thankfulll4 reply but can u plzz tell me the link from whr i can download papers of entrance of pune university of ma economics
2 years ago
aru.chopra Cannot give you the exact names. But can suggest you to Google search with relevant keywords. I am sure you'll find your desired help.

And Thank You for the like. If my help justified you in a good manner, close the thread by marking as best. Feel free to raise more questions. Good Luck
2 years ago
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aakriti jain31313 2 years ago
www.unipune.ac.in then click on Syllabi... and then 7. M.A. Economics (Dept.)

go on the provided link u will get pdf of list of syllabus.
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