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what does biotech engineering mean???what are the subjects included in it?is biology required???



Mahesh16675 3 years ago
Anusha...Biotechnology is a process of using living organisms to enhance production of crops (Genetically Modified Food), making fuel from plants, medical treatments etc. For example, The University of Manchester in UK has been doing extensive research for many years to find out how some creatures can regain lost organs in their body (If a lizard's tail regrows after a few days. Can humans regain lost arms or legs?) I am barely touching the tip of this very extensive subject. This subject is suitable of those who are academically exceptional in Biology. Getting a degree in Biotech is just a small step you will be taking, if you want to get into the field of biotech. Give me a thumbs up if I have answered your question.
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Anusha57538 the answer is perfectly fine but i was asking about biotech engineering nd nt about biotech
3 years ago
Mahesh16675 It is a very broad subject. Biotechnology Engineering is a combination of Mechanical. Electrical, Electronics, Chemical engineering, Biology, Physics and medicine. It has many other names such as Genetic Engineering, Bioengineering. Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering etc. Professors in this field most often come up with their own definition for each term and the differences between one another. For example, some might say that Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI scan) machine technology falls under Biotechnology Engineering. Some might say, it actually falls under Biomedical Engineering or Clinical Engineering. If this reply sounds confusing to you, you are one of the six billion confused people who try to figure out exactly what Biotechnology Engineering is. I just made an attempt to explain it to you to the best of my knowledge.
3 years ago
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tanu42389 5 months ago
Please explain what is biotechnology in deep?do we require maths?if mathematics is required but in which fields , example genetic engg , pharmacy ETC. n wat are the various fields in biotechnology itself.please answer to this question soon
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Pawan_Gupta 3 years ago
you can get admission in biotech engneering by AIEEE. There is no need of biology subject to get enter in this field.
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