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what is the difference between ug and pg and diploma

always confuced in that.. i have just passed xii but i am not interested in pcm further...
animation is always my first wish to do....
can you pls tell me what is pg ug diploma degree and certificate......


Vineet Raj Kapoor 2 years ago
If you're in a hurry go for a diploma. Else go for a degree. Now if you're UG then you'd go for PG else for UG. However, First check if you're suited for Animation. Animation is an art form and a very demanding career. It has ample opportunities for the creatively talented people. Typically you should have good sketching skills to be able to make a sound career in this. Nothing but your innermost talent and passion should lead you to the course and the institute you choose. Go speak to people over there and see if you like their philosophy and they change your perspective.Try their website for more details. Also remember that Animation requires good mentoring. Typically go for a school which offers all the information including faculty on their website. Wish you the best for your career. Remember, your Career is a resultant of your knowledge combined with your passion and expression ability. If you like this answer you may select it as best answer or press like.
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NitisH1875 I have done 3 years of diploma in mechanical engg. after 10th
so what i will be called
a ug or pg or what.

plz reply at nguptani30@gmail.com
9 months ago
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Priya 3 years ago
Hi Rahul,

UG means Under Graduate and PG is Post Graduate, these are the two levels of classifying the level of education. There are courses referred to as Degrees or Diploma based on these levels like Bachelor degree or Diploma courses fall in UG category and Masters, PG Diploma or PG Programs fall under the PG category.
In Animation, there are several types of courses available based on both the levels like Certificate courses, Bachelor programs and Diploma in Animation. Multimedia and so are there courses at PG level mostly PG diploma or Masters.

Depending on your qualification i.e. 12th, you are eligible for the Bachelor/ Diploma courses. Degree / Bachelors courses are a minimum of 3 years and are affiliated to a University where as the diploma are relatively shorter courses.
A quality of the students pursuing a course in animation depends less of the type of course, but mainly on the talent and skills possessed and ones inbuilt creativity.

You may refer to the following link to know about the institute offering this course:
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Mehar Wadhwa 2 years ago
UG i.e Under Graduation which a person who complete his/her 10+2 will pursue as it is a graduation Degree course, PG i.e Post Graduation what a graduate pursue and Diploma course is what a person can pursue even after 10th class. Now as per your question is in the stream of Animation i would suggest you to first of all visit the institute and understand the courses of both degree and diploma as when we talk about animation what we have to be sure of is the quality of training you are getting and the placements option after that.

For any further queries you can call 09717695833 or visit our website www.dqsva.com.

All the best
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Kuldip23764 Oh really can we pursue for diploma after 10th. If yes then please give me an advise for good institutes for diploma after 10th in India. But you said UG and PG needs +2 students, so how a person who went for a diploma after 10th can go for UG, PG.plz clarify that. I want to extremely excel in this field so to do so, the table goes like this, right? 10th>Diploma>UG>PG
5 months ago
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UG after 12th, PG after UG, diploma have low value than degrees those are UG and PG
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