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what is the scope of animation in india ?

my bro' wants to do animation but he is little bit confuse about it,can u help him for this.


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Manmeet Kaur50173 2 years ago
Hi Jagdeep, animation is a field that could be pursued by those who posses excellent creativity and drawing skills. Animators are the talented artists who create characters for a variety of projects.

Training is the most essential and important aspect for the creation of a skilled professional in the field of animation. For getting a better job prospect, one should have a degree or diploma in animation.

In order to get the job first apply for internship and then look for job and after gaining this experience your job prospects will be high.

Job opportunities are on the rise for an animator and they are in great demand, it is a growing industry and has become a popular feature in movies and advertising, etc. Some of the jobs offered in the industry are :
Content Developer
Character animator
Layout artist, and many more.

To help you further, I am sending you institute and article links. Please refer to it.


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A. ILYAS 2 years ago
Dear Jagdeesh,

Well to start off with, Animation is in the Sunrise stage in India, lot of Graphic & Web Design Co's are on the aggressive hiring front, there is a lot of hiring in 3D and 2D stream as well, by 3D and 2D we mean artists who can work on software related to character design, animation movies, VFX, SFX, gaming etc, the list is huge BTW, but if you're looking at Animation only, then here is the break up:
Animation is broadly divided into three streams

a)2D Animation

b) 3D Animation [plus VFX/SFX]

c) Web and Graphics.

Where you interest area lies in is something that only an experienced Animation Councilor would be able to tell you after an interaction with you , preferably face-to-face, as this is a subject involving intensive training for hours and hours.
My advice to you is to get in touch with some one working as a 2D , 3D artist or Web and Graphic Designer , some one who is currently in this field and then understand the job profile, industry profile etc.
Also do meet up an experienced councilor who would correctly advice you in person rather than in mail or on phone.

Best Regards
M Ilyas
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