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what type of jobs are available after completing bba(hons)?? i want to work in dubai. and salary plzz...



Priya 2 years ago
Hi Faisal,

With just a BBA degree, there are rarely job opportunities to your way and as even if one gets a job, the growth prospects are stagnant. As already mentioned by Sameera, you can look for jobs in fields like Sales & Marketing, applying to banking firms etc.

However, you can go about taking up and pursuing a job; and along with which or may be some time later, you can encompass your experience in your MBA later.

All the best!
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Shams33519 2 years ago
Shams@ hi Faisal
After completing your BBA(Hons) , you can get jobs in the field of marketing, sales,retail companies, banks and accounts
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mohammad faisal thanks :) and wht salary may i expect and what position in these fields??
2 years ago
rashmi57343 ya even i want to know
2 years ago
Ankit Rules After BBA You Hardly Able to Get 8000 - 10,000 Per Month not More than that. Now Days BBA Seriously Have No value if you don't go for MBA. For better Future and Salary prospects you have to do MBA.
2 years ago
Ali5036 what the hell are u saying man!!! lots of opportunities are avaialble after BBA, since most of the B- schools prefer experience candidates in MBA progg..so it's much better to go ahead fof job, have some sound exp. and then go ahead for MBA
2 years ago
Sahibh I think ankit is ryt
3 months ago
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