The parameters based on which the answers are given -i) query of the student ii) interest of the student ii) Areas where possibility of a student to bloom fully , with a full judgment & care so that student is not being misguided. Most of the answers of the experts are really above the bench ... View More

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Started by subhasish debroy


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  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Commented by

    Arvind Joshi | Contributor-Level 9

    2011-11-07 14:10:26
    A marketer can sell his items only when he realizes the needs of the buyer, unlike the seller who simply gets rid of his products by selling them off.Same here.We first need to realise how desperate the seeker is.Then, standing in his shoes,and using our own expertise (IF we have it in that particular field, not otherwise),try to give whatever we have.Remember the verses of the famous prayer,"A true Vaishnav is one who can feel the pain of someone else". We cannot afford to act as hypocrites, as it will not serve the basic purpose of Shiksha.
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Commented by

    arun dev | Guide-Level 11

    2011-11-07 13:24:06
    I agree to Aneeket, Experts are doing great work, many experts like Pooja Kohli Priya Arvind Joshi245 Gautam Joshi and many others(It will be too long if I will take all their names :)) are trying to give end to end solution to the queries. As mentioned the tagging features added more efficiency in our community. Many have used these features in good way to get best solution to the query.
    I believe our motto is to learn new, to share known and to appreciate best.
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Commented by

    Aneeket Barua Manager (Product Operation)- Infoedge India Ltd. | Guide-Level 11

    2011-11-07 11:25:20
    I too agree with Gautam Joshi that the experts are doing a very good job and give the best possible answer to them! But yes if the question is not complete or unclear then even the experts cant do much about it!Also keeping in mind the asker and the experts, we have introduced the tagging feature where in the experts can tag other experts if they feel that a particular expert can throw more light on the particular question!Also, I would request experts like Nikhlesh Mathur Gomtis Corner Priya Pooja Kohli Kankshi Manmeet Kaur50173 aru chopra64499 arun dev Arvind Joshi245 MSK70515 Neelu Kapoor MAYUR DESHMUKH May I Help U Prof Garain PhD Khushwa... view more
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Commented by

    Gautam Joshi | Contributor-Level 9

    2011-09-09 12:20:56
    We always try to giove the most appropriate answer or the answer near to the requirement. But many times the queries are not clear so assumptions are made, Sometimes even we have to answer to start a conversation with the student to know what actually he's looking for and then we answer. So situation to situation it varies. Student MUST take care of this, after all it
    's about their career.

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