I am planning for admission in IFBI Bank Vantage program. They guarantee placement after course. Is it True or just fake advt. like others.

IFBI is advertising a assured placement programe in banking sector I need some Information about it that it is true or fake advt. like others one more important thing is that what is the package they provide once the course is completed.

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    2011-09-17 13:54:24
    I really confused to answer this question. Because in Nov 2009, a news came that IFBI did a big fraud. It have'nt placed its students properly. I dont know its a rumour or true one. But whats my opinion means i am confident of IFBI. So you may join. But pls maintain your academic records well in ur course. And be fluent in speaking global languages. So they cant cheat you. Otherwise u may complain in consumer court if they dont keep their word.
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    2012-07-20 09:41:12
    I have completed my banking course in feb 2012 itself. But , surprised to note that not even a proper single placement opportunity provided in banking sector from your institution even though you have promised to provide placement immediately after completing the course successfully.While joining they told completely sales job will not be given only either partial or cross selling jobs with more operational work.But now they all are providing and forcing to join sales job.Otherwise they are not at all provinding any other oppurtunities at all.For last 6 months we have been waitng for the placements to happen.While joining and paying th
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    Priya Saxena | Guide-Level 11

    2011-09-17 14:38:34
    Hi Manni,
    IFBI is one of quite renowned private institutes where in one can opt for courses related to finance and banking, but by stating as 'Guaranteed Placements', it is difficult to run towards conclusions as it mainly depends on the student how well he/ she performs in the course duration and qualifies the same.
    Also when assuring a placement, it is difficult to judge as to the quality of the job options are as per the standards of the individual's desire or not. Hence, more than looking for the institute's assurance, it is advised that you gain quality in terms of knowledge and on basis of your self analysis and performance, you s

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