i have head ache with 0.5 sight am i eligible for ips

im so afraid that i have sight doctor said it can be cured with treatment then after can i attempt ips exams

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Asked by pradeep

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  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

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    Priya Saxena | Guide-Level 11

    2011-11-01 15:51:12
    Hi Pradeep,
    Even with a history of your having head ache, you still have a scope and are eligible for the UPSC exam. But then its is advised that you get the same checked and if possible cured so that it does not becomes an obstacle for your bright future.
    All the best!
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Answered by

    Nikhlesh Mathur | Guide-Level 14

    2011-10-27 11:44:21
    Even though your are eligible, but finally there is a stringent medical test of all the UPSC selected candidates and therefore you must not take chances and so get your medically examined for the reasons of consistent headache so that the problem could be cured by the time you reach the UPSC medical examination date.
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    2011-11-01 18:19:19
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Answered by

    Neeraj Kumar | Guide-Level 12

    2011-10-27 11:30:25
    yes you can
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Answered by

    sameera shams | Contributor-Level 10

    2011-10-29 14:22:23
    Shams@ hi pradeep
    Yes, sure you are eligible for IPS
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    2011-10-27 10:19:06
    yes, a sight incorrection is not a hindernce

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