hello everyone! i am a student studying in 9th standard i am not able to concentrate well in my studies, meaning i get distracted very often hence i require a few tips on how not to get distracted and finish your work on time?

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    DENNIS VASANTHAKUMAR PAUL Education Consultant | Guide-Level 12

    2011-10-04 19:45:10
    Dear Preetka Siva,
    First thing, for 9th standrad student to ask such a question in an open forum admitting your weakness shows that you are a person cut above the rest. In otherwords you konw what you are doing. In another words you are a well matured student compare to other students of your age. With his quality you cna always achieve what you want.
    Secondly you sit and write down 5 ponits which distrract you. also write 5 points which is of your interst. You write down and keep. Be tru to yourselves, you need not show thsi to any one. Try to develoe more interst on what you like. automotaically the distraction will go away.
    Thirdly, p

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