Video games and the impact on kids,with all the side effect what is tghe reason kids should play

Video games take the child in the world of dreams where everything is possible it gives the player a new scene of freedom. and its good to keep playing video games and forget the world out side? no! what do y say do y agree with this?

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Started by sameera shams


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    sameera shams | Contributor-Level 10

    2011-10-10 14:20:26
    Sameera@ I agree that it is still too much for the child to play video game more than one hours recommended model. Video games are not completely harmful.They provide lots of benefits and enhance the ability to think quickly becouse games require quick responses.
    Many games develop logical and problem solving skills. video games can help kids in mathematics and improve creative and imagination but it is also responsibility of the parents
    to take their kids to parks and allow them to explore natural things.This can also build independence.
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    shaban | Guide-Level 11

    2011-10-10 13:58:40
    Due to the popularization of video games, most of the children now a days are abandoning the traditional games like football cricket etc, now days they play these outdoor games in video games.
    As a results of all these many children now days suffer form obesity, vision problem, and sever health problems like insomnia, diabetes and many more.
    So think its the responsibility of the parents to make their children understand how damaging this video games can be for them if played in excess.
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    Pooja Kohli | Guide-Level 11

    2011-10-06 12:59:48
    Video games are good only if played in a limited manner. as excess of everything is bad. it can have major side effects like weakening of eye sight effecting the studies of children etc. so it is ok as a source of children's entertainment but not otherwise.

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