What should be the Career?

Hobby/Interest as Business/Job or B.E/Btech or Management PG

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Started by Gagz


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    Arvind Joshi | Contributor-Level 9

    2011-09-11 20:53:56
    I agree to Nikhlesh's views particularly the last three lines wherein he has given the gist of a typicalcareer.However, luck does not favor everyone at the beginning of the the availability of the first job.And so, an ideal career is not possible for everyone of us at the beginning, or even till the end of our work life.We may be having a thousand permutations in front of us.One of these could be a limited time to begin job so as to start supporting a needy family at the earliest.While I was a student, I met a 90 year old Marwari gentleman, who, in his own time had headed an electronics company successfully.Now he had retired to a religiou... view more
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

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    Aakash Luhar Engineer | Contributor-Level 8

    2011-09-09 19:38:29
    very true
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

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    Vikas Naidu | Contributor-Level 10

    2011-09-09 13:23:00
    Very true Gautam Joshi ji
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

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    Nikhlesh Mathur | Guide-Level 14

    2011-09-09 12:26:04
    First of all let us define career. A career is a job or profession that someone does for long period in his/her life. Please focus on the words "for long period" in this definition. Therefore one thing is clear that different jobs on short term basis do not essentially make a career. It is which we do for a long period in our life. So when we plan for doing something for a long period in life then that 'something' should be easy for the individual, he/she should have a natural flair for it and most importantly this "something' should be capable of being carried out at the place where that individual is prepared to spend his/her life. For exma... view more
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

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    Gautam Joshi | Contributor-Level 9

    2011-09-09 12:03:36
    I'd be looking forward for your comments also Gag and I'd request Aneeket , Nikhlesh Mathur sir, Pooja Kohli mam, suni207 , Suryap2012 , Vikas Naidu , Priya , Venissa , Arvind Joshi245 sir, varun.sharma , gopal sharma. , Moderator and other experts to please participate and share their views.
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

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    Gautam Joshi | Contributor-Level 9

    2011-09-09 12:01:11
    Moreover, choosing CAREER path is a long term decision. One needs to be quite conscious.
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Commented by

    Gautam Joshi | Contributor-Level 9

    2011-09-09 11:57:51
    Well, it's a very good topic for discussion Gag. Hobby and Interest are quite close to each other. Taking interest as a word, I'd say that MAKING OUR INTEREST AS OUR CAREER is something which always pays. But at the same time, it depends on the candidate that whether he is serious for his career(interest) or he is just interested in particular field and NOT desperate for it. All I want to say is that doing what we enjoy and we love and taking it forward as a career is wise and fruitful decision.

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