Which course to pursue among MCA and MBA for better career prospects?

I have completed BCA.

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Asked by shalini gupta

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    Answered by

    Ashish Paliwal | Contributor-Level 7

    8 years ago
    Dear shaliniGreetings!Both the fields you have mentioned, have great scope but the field selection depends on what you have done in graduation.As you have completed your Grad. in BCA, MCA would be a better option because in this way you won`t be going in a totally new field. And you will be going for specialization in what you have previously done. But if you would like to explore new dimensions and take on challenges then MBA is also good option for you .You can choose your field among More than 10 of specialization available in MBA Like HR, Marketing, Finance, International business, Retail management, Facility and waste management etc.Rega... view more
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Answered by

    natasha upadhyay | Contributor-Level 7

    8 years ago
    If you are good at numeric please go ahead with MCA otherwise MBA is always
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Answered by

    Raj Aryan | Contributor-Level 9

    8 years ago
    Hi,MBA in IT is a good course to pursue and it offers good career prospects and excellent growth opportunities.An MBA in Information Technology Management is designed to educate and develop students who can effectively manage the planning, design, selection, implementation, use, and administration of emerging and converging information and communications technologies. The program curriculum provides students with the technical knowledge and management knowledge and skills needed to effectively integrate people, information and communication technologies, and business processes in support of organizational strategic goals.After completing MBA-... view more
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Answered by

    shaban | Guide-Level 11

    8 years ago
    Hi,After completing BCA you have 2 options:1.To opt for a job.2.To opt for further studies (MBA, MCA etc)However as per your profile I would suggest you to work for 2-3 years and then opt for further studies.The advantage of this step would be:- You will gain relevant work experience.- After working you will know which course to pursue that can further enhance your career prospects, i.e. if you wish to build your career in computer field then you may pursue MCA, whereas if you are interested in management then you may pursue MBA.- If you are interested in pursuing MBA, then this work experience would help you to decide which specialization to... view more
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Answered by

    Neeraj Kumar | Guide-Level 12

    8 years ago
    Both have good option if you want to continue you computer line and want to become an engineer then MCA is better option and if you want to go in banking sector or in management field or in marketing or finance field then you can go for MBA
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    Answered by

    Nimit Malhotra

    8 years ago
    Dear Shalini, don't be confuse because MCA and MBA are two totally different things. One you have to be very clear in you mind that where you have to go and what you wanna be, If you are opting for MCA then you will be a developer, and if you are opting MBA then you have to decide the stream that what you want to opt Marketing , Finance , Human resource or will be opting IT in business Management.

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