who is best for people engineer or doctor?in nowdays

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Asked by narsareddy

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    Priya Saxena | Guide-Level 11

    2011-09-19 09:43:32
    Hi Narsa Reddy,
    Engineering and Doctors are two entirely different streams and offers careers in their own respective domains. Engineer as a study would involve high of Maths and Science, In Science one requires mostly Physics. Be it any field of engineering, the two subjects hold the maximum importance. Engineering is a core for all the technology developments taking place and for the ones which should be a part of society's convenience.
    In Medicine, it is Biology which is of prime requirement and a person involved in this field should actually be highly inclined towards Medicine, Health and Science related to the same.
    Kindly revert for
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    Answered by

    Pooja Kohli | Guide-Level 11

    2011-09-19 11:51:37
    Hi Narsareddy,
    Be it doctors profession or Engineering both are in high demand and will always be, as these two professions are of the utmost importance Engineers run the society by creating new things and doctors save lives so both the professions are good and offers a bright career.
    However, the most important thing which one should keep in mind while choosing once profession is your own interests and career aspirations. so in case you are more inclined towards the technical profession go for Engineering on the other hand if you have keen interest in experimenting and saving the lives of the people you should go for doctors profession.
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    Answered by

    Suni K | Guide-Level 14

    2011-09-19 09:20:50
    The two disciplines seem like two parallel tracks of a rail. But Engineering and Medicine seem to merge, Biomedical Engineering/Electronics is the product of such a merge. While a doctor earns bread through patient consultation, Engineers work in factories and educational institutions to earn a living, with some people involved in research. An Engineer must good in his own discipline, while a doctor must be good in his own discipline.
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    2011-09-19 02:51:12
    Hi Nararseddy,
    Engineers apply the principles of science and mathematics to develop economical solutions to technical problems.the development of many different products, such as chemicals, computers, powerplants, helicopters, and toys.Starting salaries are among the highest of all college graduates.
    Continuing education is critical for engineers in order to keep up with improvements in technology.
    Whereas on the other hand Doctor's:- hospital doctors apply medical knowledge and skills to the diagnosis, prevention and management of disease.Tasks depend on the specialty; a surgeon's daily tasks are significantly different from those of a d
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    Answered by


    2011-09-19 01:20:06
    Engg as an engg makes things work in an optimised way . today efficiency is the most sought key factor to any design construction etc. Also as an engg you will get projects soon after you complete BE but in Doctor's case you will have to practice for several years to be a independent pannel of consultant doctors .

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