How can I crack CFA in 1 year?

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    Juhi Bansal Explore your self | Guide-Level 14

    5 years ago
    Everyone knows CFA is a very tough exam but if you want to clear it then we should prepared study plan accordingly, and we should identify our weakness and problem, where we are weak in study, after that we should plan our time table. There are some tips for studying well:Take a break regularly: You should take regularly break between study. Whenever you go for study, be comfortable and relaxed mind.Concentrate less on score and focus on previous paper and test: you should do as possible previous paper and test also. If you clear these exercises easily then you are preparing for CFA. Practice again and again: if you have completed your syllab... view more
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Answered by

    Devi singh | Guide-Level 11

    5 years ago
    "First time with minimum efforts" - you need to be a pro with your approach.
    Try preparing smartly and efficiently.
    Be very disciplined with your study schedule. The output is more when you give 2 hours daily for 7 days then 14 hours on only weekends (generally).
    Study with the sense of doing questions and clearing exams. It will help you to clear L1 but may prove harmful for L2 as it demands deep inter-topic clarity.
    Just a tip, in case you have less time and you are good to grasp new concepts - try preparing from Schwezer Notes and Videos for Level 1. But for Level 2 and 3 you have to put in the required efforts.
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Answered by

    Indrakshi Banerjee

    5 years ago
    CFA program is a tough nut to crack as a CFA Candidate you will spend couple of months each year for the next couple of years studying and preparing for the CFA exams. Exam results, showing that more than 60 percent of candidates fail, are certainly not a good motivation. Although we believe that there is not a single good strategy for passing the CFA exam, but various good approaches applicable to various people, we have summarized the most important CFA tips and tricks that may help you pass the exams and accomplish the goal of becoming the CFA Charter holder.Do first things first.Prior to starting the preparation for CFA, make a study plan... view more
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Answered by

    Harsh Ranjan College Selection Expert | Scholar-Level 17

    5 years ago
    Everyone knows that CFA exam is one of the toughest exams, so proper guidance and preparation is needed to crack this exam.Here are a few tips for this exam:1.Start as early as possible, it is recommended that you almost have six months in hand to prepare for the exam. 2.Before you jump and start preparing a weekly schedule for the entire six months, work backward and set objectives for each of the four months. First and the last month can be left out because in the first month, you won't get too adjusted with the curriculum and the last month is to be spent mostly on solving test papers or revision.3.You have made your broad monthly goals, y... view more
  • Hello,CFA - Chartered financial analyst. The CFA Program is a globally-recognized graduate level curriculum that provides a strong foundation for real-world investment analysis and portfolio management skills.The preparation tips for CFA would be:As you have one year you may elaborate your preparation methods. 1) Make a good study plan by knowing the complete syllabus for CFA based on the level of exams. Plan accordingly so that you won't miss out anything. Study every day for few hours so that you keep yourself associated with it.2) Time management is very important. You need to know how to manage your time to prepare in spite of spending yo... view more

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