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Shiksha Ask & Answer
Ipsita Sarkar Gupta

Contributor-Level 9

The changes mean that CAT, as an MBA entrance test, is evolving. It means that IIMs still haven't reached an ideal test pattern and may keep experimenting with strategy. As for preparation strategy, aspirants shouldn't change anything. Focus on on your strengths and weakness like you planned to.However, exam taking strategy will change. Candidates have to attempt each section for 60 minutes. There's no option of attempting your strongest section first or last - it's all decided by CAT authorities. Non-MCQ questions are making an entrance this year. IIMs haven't revealed any information about it. Irrespective of the difficulty level of non-MCQ... View More

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shahad cm

Beginner-Level 3

dont go behind salary. keep a passion on your job so you can live your life happily with it

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Shiksha Ask & Answer
Prateek Sengar

Guide-Level 13

Hi Dev,Law Entrance Examinations have become more competitive nowadays. So the candidates need to be careful while preparing for those. You can clear the tests if you go through a systematic preparation. 1. You should collect as much previous question papers and work out on them. This will give an idea about the exam pattern and syllabus.2. You should develop the habit of reading national and local news and this will certainly be useful to improve your vocabulary and reading skills.3. You should collect the weeklies on current affairs as this may help you to update your general awareness.4. You should spend at least three or four hours every ... View More

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