M.Tech. OR MBA ? Which one of them have a bright future ?

I m a B.tech. final year electrical student, Now I have two options MBA and M.tech. (exactly three including MCA), now the question is "Which one should I choose ?" For now lets forget what I'm interested in and give me your personal advice. Which one of them have a bright future ?

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    arun dev | Guide-Level 11

    2011-10-11 21:57:40
    Dear utpal,
    Don't get confused. What u want to be? a good engineer or a good manager?
    If you feel you are a good engineer u can upgrade yourself by Mtec and MCA,
    and in you feel you have good managerial skill u can go for MBA there are streams like Engineering management which suits your profile.
    Every field is better only if you have true passion in it. I request you to identify you interest and join accordingly,
    Wish u the best,
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Answered by

    Pawan | Contributor-Level 8

    2011-10-11 22:32:33
    hello Utpal, it depends on your personal intrest that your want to go in a technical field or any other. because both are diffrent lines, if you have intreat in technical field or wanna be a devloper then go for m.tech else choose MBA .
  • C

    Answered by

    chandan kumar | Contributor-Level 8

    2011-10-11 21:52:46
    Both the courses are of different of each other. selection of any course is depends upon many factors such as depth of interest, previous educational background, future plan etc. it is fully
    depends opon your choice. jobs are available in both the fields.

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