In what order should i get these done: 1.recommendations, 2.gre, 3.toefl, 4.apply to universities? [for STUDYING ABROAD]

I am confused because GRE allows you to send scores at the time of the test, for FREE to 5 universities... So should i get the recommendations, and give the TOEFL, before giving GRE?

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    shaban | Guide-Level 11

    2011-10-24 11:26:30
    First you need to know which are the best universities which suits your profile, so that at the time of your GRE exam, you can give the name of these short listed universities.After giving your GRE and TOEFL you can get your recommendations ready, so that while applying to the universities your every document is ready.Generally the complete application material for US universities consists of:
    1.Complete application form.
    2.Application fee.
    3.Graduate transcripts, school transcripts.
    4.Recommendation letter, 3 number.
    5.Statement of purpose.
    7.GRE score.
    8.TOEFL score.
    I hope this answers your query.
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