I want to learn computer languages, how should I proceed to get a good job of salary around 50-60k? Which languages will be better?

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Asked by Ritish kumar

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    Answered by

    DEEPAK CHOUDHARY | Contributor-Level 8

    4 years ago
    First of all, if you are learning something don't jump on to the money directly because it depends on numerous factors. Second of all, I would suggest you to learn C because it will clear your basics after C, it's up to you what you will choose but as of now if you want to get into the machine learning and artificial intelligence, you must go with Python, but it seems that you are a total beginner so you should first focus on the concepts and object-oriented programming part rather than money or other things.
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Answered by

    Moin Nargund Aspiring Student | Guide-Level 12

    4 years ago
    First of all, it is better to start with C programming, as it is the basic language of all building blocks. Then, you can opt for C+ programming as it's similar to C. Further, you can opt for high end languages such as Python, Java, Javascipt and others.
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Answered by

    Vijay Singh Kholiya | Guide-Level 15

    3 years ago
    Firstly, it is not the case that if you learn that language you'll definitely get the desired salary, it all depends on your skillset and knowledge. I'll tell you the most used programming languages by the software industry today which includes Python, Javascript, Rust, Swift, Kotlin, C+, Java, etc.
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Answered by

    Mohit Dhakad | Contributor-Level 6

    3 months ago
    There are many domains in which you can work after learning a programming language. So, you need to select the domain, and then work according to it.
  • V

    Answered by

    Vikas RanAaaaaa

    4 years ago
    You can do a IT computer applications. You will get job in multinational and non-multinational tourism industries as well as in industries also like hero, MNM, Avon, because they need a man with computer knowledge.
  • A

    Answered by

    Akhil Kumar Lakum Career Coach | Contributor-Level 9

    4 years ago
    As a fresher, one cannot expect a job with a salary of 50K+, as a fresher no one can recruit you if you don't have a sound knowledge of programming. Languages to be learnt are:
    C, C+
    Html, Css
  • M

    Answered by

    Mohit Kumar

    4 years ago
    Hi, you may need to watch this
  • H

    Answered by

    Hardik Chauhan

    4 years ago
  • S

    Answered by

    Sahid Imam

    4 years ago
    The best will be python
    but thinking about future. Pearl and Ruby are must.
  • Shiksha Ask & Answer

    Answered by

    Anurag Dahiya

    4 years ago
    Being a beginner, I'll recommend Java or language C, as they can be consider a beginners language. But, as yours salary aspects, Python is the one in which you should master before any job.

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